Big Data

Big data on cloud is a fully managed cloud service that enables businesses to leverage their data to make intelligent decisions through real-time data processing, strategy, machine learning, data governance, and management. Our expertise across cloud and data, can help you implement fully automated and cost-effective solutions that fit into your business perfectly.

Lake House

Our Lake House solutions integrate cost-effective practices with machine learning and Artificial intelligence to enable organizations to harness the power of data gathered from multiple sources and types, and allow users to collaborate, govern and analyze data effectively, to transform into an agile and data-driven organization.

Data Warehousing

Data and analytics have become pervasive for modern-day businesses to remain competitive. Our one-stop data warehousing solution creates a centralized repository to collect, store, and organize your data which can then be leveraged to power all your data needs like data modeling, governance, performance optimization, etc.

Data Visualization

Our skilled data analysts help businesses comprehend their organizational data through ​BI and Analytics capabilities​ to build interactive and self-service dashboards to consume and visualize your data to derive insights. Leverage some of the popular BI platforms in the market or customize them to suit your business needs.